Temis Ultra 3rd edition

Témis Ultra magnifiquement escarpé

Pointe-aux-Roches park, Latulipe, Qc

September 25-26th, 2021

Welcome to the beautifully steep Témis Ultra, a trail race taking place on September 25 and 26th, 2021 in Latulipe, QC at the Pointe-aux-Roches trails.  This year, participants will be able to choose 4 times, either 3, 6, 12, 24 hours, where they will have to perform as many loops as they can and what they want.  In addition, this year you can opt for the 24 hours in teams of 2 to 4.

We are looking for participants from all categories, both experienced athletes and Sunday walkers! Everyone travels the distance of their choice at their own pace!

We want to promote the Témiscamingue landscape and create a festive atmosphere that encourages both physical activity and socialization! Témis Ultra wants to encourage the development of outdoor ecotourism in its region by partnering with the Coop plein air!

« An endurance race is not the one that goes the fastest, but the one that slows down the least »

Temis Ultra’s Vision

Unlike Cross Country where the emphasis is on speed, ultramarathons, on the other hand, focus much more on the distance to be covered and in order to do this one must run / walk with ease of breathing and enjoy the moment. Yes, we create a competitive environment to encourage surpassing oneself, but above all a pleasant environment to enjoy the great outdoors together and encourage each other in our goals. There is no pressure to perform, everyone manages their race as they wish, it is allowed to do 10 km in 24 hours, whether running or walking with poles. I guarantee you will love the warm atmosphere of the event, a gathering for outdoor enthusiasts! Our base camp has a big tent to welcome you all, a massage area sponsored by the Movens clinic, a campfire under the stars as well as a rustic toilet for everything you need. be happy !

Temis Ultra’ Village

This edition, we want to create a kind of village with a view of the falls, there will be a big tent as headquarters, a food tent, the MOVENS massage corner and we invite participants from 12 and 24 to bring their tent to the main site around the fire so that they can bring their own equipment for the adventure and be able to sleep in case of fatigue, we provide you with everything you will need to limit your steps to maximize your performance!

3 categories offered

3/6/12/24 hours

To register clik on the link below


Place and Time of Departure

Here is the start of the different categories on September 25th:

24 hours teams and solos: at 8 a.m.
12 hours: at 10 a.m.
3 and 6 hours: at noon

To get to the race site, all you have to do is go to the village of Latulipe, Qc, then turn left on rue Carrefour Nord or Rang 5-6 and 10 (it’s the same street), then turn left on row 5-6 then right on row 10 as shown on the right.

Map of the Race

The loop begins at the parking lot where the main site will be located (point A). The athletes first go to the  »beach » supply (point B) open all night to enjoy the magnificent view of the Quinze lake. Then, a fairly technical section awaits the runners to climb in the middle of the forest to the  »lost cow » supply (point C). And finally, the participants complete the loop by descending to the  »Fa Mi La » trail, allowing themselves to be transported to the rhythm of the music coming from the main supply station (point A).

Each loop measures: 6.0 km

Number of supplies: 3

Trail Difficulty: moderate

Markup Red flags and light tubes (at night)

Your Registration Includes…

Be on the list of participants

Your name will be entered in the main draw and you will be able to count your loops


When the physical pains start to appear, you can then take advantage of the expertise of the Movens clinic to relieve you!


In terms of nutrition, everything will be provided to you, complete meals (the menu will be published a few days before the event), energy foods, salt, sugar …

Souvenir photos

With so many panoramic views, our photographer will be spoiled for choice to take a picture of you to immortalize this moment at Témis Ultra.


On the beverage side, we will provide you with water, gatorade, coffee and beer from Témiscamingue so you can stay up late!


Who knows ? Perhaps it will be you on the podium and winning a refreshing cider produced locally by the Verger des Tourterelles!

Day camp for athlete parents

Do you have children? No problem, with a slight supplement in your registration, we have set up a day camp for the youngest directly on the race site, in charge by a facilitator. Service only available for 6h and 12h participants.